Sagas & Legends of Jomsvikings Security and Protection through Organizational Evolution and Operational Optimization


Jomsvikings LLC


Professional Services


Burnsville, Minnesota

Primary Initiatives:

In addition to the strategic planning and market expansion efforts, Purple Moose undertook several transformative initiatives within Jomsvikings Security and Protection:

Interim CEO Role and Organizational Assessment:

  • Purple Moose accepted a contract interim CEO role to conduct a comprehensive organizational assessment. This assessment focused on evaluating current staffing, job classifications, and compensation structures within the organization.

Organizational Evolution:

  • Based on the findings of the assessment, Purple Moose facilitated an organizational evolution that resulted in the creation of four new and distinct divisions within Jomsvikings. This restructuring aimed to enhance efficiency, clarify roles and responsibilities, and optimize resource allocation.

Development of Compensation Plan and Succession Planning:

  • Purple Moose collaborated with Jomsvikings to develop a comprehensive compensation plan that aligned with industry standards and organizational goals. The plan incorporated succession and retention planning strategies to ensure the long-term stability and growth of the company.

Space Use Evaluation and Recommendations:

  • Purple Moose conducted a thorough evaluation of Jomsvikings’ space utilization and made recommendations for changes aimed at improving workflow efficiency, optimizing systems processes, and enhancing internal communications.

Results and Impact:

The initiatives spearheaded by Purple Moose yielded significant outcomes for Jomsvikings Security and Protection:

  • Enhanced Organizational Structure: The creation of four distinct divisions within the organization facilitated clearer communication channels, improved coordination among teams, and enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Optimized Compensation and Succession Planning: The implementation of a comprehensive compensation plan and succession planning framework ensured that Jomsvikings could attract and retain top talent while fostering internal career growth opportunities.
  • Improved Space Utilization: The recommendations implemented as a result of the space use evaluation led to streamlined workflows, increased productivity, and enhanced internal collaboration. The updated space also contributed to an improved brand reputation as a professional services firm, resonating positively with both internal and external stakeholders.


Through collaborative efforts and strategic interventions, Purple Moose played a pivotal role in transforming Jomsvikings Security and Protection into a more agile, efficient, and forward-thinking organization. By focusing on organizational evolution, operational optimization, and enhancing internal infrastructure, Jomsvikings positioned itself for sustained growth and continued success in the competitive security industry landscape.

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