Government Contracting

Government Contracting is an effective method for businesses to introduce stability and profitability to their portfolio, for some companies they exist solely in the government contracting (GovCon) space and build successful firms using the multiple opportunities to contract with the government. In light of the upside, entering the GovCon space can be as daunting as starting a business all over again. There are many questions to answer such as; does the services or goods my company provides fit with opportunities, what is a contract vehicle, how do I position for a set-aside opportunity? This is where the Purple Moose comes in. We specialize in helping small businesses ‘start-up’ in government contracting. Through our consultation we help our clients navigate the GovCon waters by positioning them correctly to be an attractive fit for this space. 

Our solution includes:

  • Understanding the RFQ, RFI, and RFP processes
  • Support our clients in understanding the requirement of government contracting
  • Drafting solicitation responses and consultation for red, pink, and gold teams
  • Provide networking support for Teaming, Joint-Venture, and Mentor-Protege opportunities
  • Provide support and review of costing
  • Assist with penetrating the SLED market to capture more local opportunities for businesses

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