Management Training

Purple Moose uses a process-driven approach to develop and design professional training for mid to senior-level managers. Our consultative approach creates a sequential development process that spans from analysis, implementation, and, ultimately, evaluation. The management training program will provide leadership, management, and staff with the tools to exceed company objectives, align capabilities with business outcomes, and thrive in a competitive market.  

  • Management Training program includes:
    • Analysis of current capabilities of personnel and development process.
    • Design an updated training and professional development program custom-tailored to your market, targets, and verticals
    • Development of an adaptable and scalable training program that minimizes gaps and reduces risk. The aim of the development process is to assist in the growth and maturation of personnel for future succession
    •  Implementation of training through a variety of modalities (In-Person, Hybrid, Virtual)
    • Evaluation will include specific criteria, knowledge audits, and measurable results

Now that we understand the management training program let’s discuss why you should hire a management trainer.

  • Management training is an integral part of a successful business. It aids in the retention of personnel (reduced cost of marketing, recruiting, hiring, and investing in new personnel), positions managers to overcome challenges, and guides best practices
  • Management trainers can alter their training style, content, and delivery for various businesses operating in any vertical
  • It streamlines the employee development process without absorbing further internal costs
  • Customized courses can be developed to meet many business needs, such as sales pipeline development, project management, or leadership skills

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